Scheduled Dates

12/16/2018   03:00 PM  04:30 PM

Self Care Sundays with Merreley Donohoue

The will be held on Sunday, December 16, 2018
From 03:00 PM until 04:30 PM

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Located in : Prince William Sound College, Health and Fitness Center Studio Room 114
Instructor: Merreley Donohoue

Individual: $20.00

Specific exercises including, yoga, Pilates, and Rolf movements to help with ailments or issues relating to areas of the body.

October 14th-Neck & Upper Back Pain. Addressing neck tension and pain.

November 4th-Knees & Ankles. Addressing issues with ankle stability and plantar fasciitis.

December 16th-Shoulders, wrists and hands, addressing issues with shoulder dysfunction, carpal tunnel prevention and repetitive use of hands.

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