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Learn techniques to make ceramic objects using slab, coil, and pinch construction methods with an introduction to surface decoration with sgrafitto techniques. Wheel throwing techniques will also be covered. There will also be historic and technical discussions relating to these methods.

Clay, glazes, and tools will be provided.

This class may also be taken for 1 college credit. For this option visit UAOnline. Ask a Student Affairs staff member for more information.


Additional Information

Dress for mess.

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Prince William Sound College
Art Studio Rm 149
16 - &up Van Duine 9/12 - 11/14 We 06:00 PM - 08:30 PM $301.00 View 12

Field Sketching & Watercolor Workshop

This course combines science and art in a unique approach to learning about the natural world. Participants will explore the environment surrounding PWSC within the parameters of well-maintained public trails, while experimenting with different field sketching techniques. Participants will draw on the long tradition of documenting observations about the natural world in a sketchbook. Much of the course will occur in the field studying the unique glaciology and geomorphology of the area’s flora and fauna. By learning new ways to study surroundings, sharing, and building on working methods, workshop participants will come away better equipped to appreciate and experience natural environments. Artists of all levels, including absolute beginners, are welcome to attend. Ages 13+.

Locations may include: Dock Point Trail, Homestead Road Trail, Maxine & Jesse Whitney Museum, and park strip around PWSC campus.

Student must provide their own art supplies, or may borrow some supplies from the instructor. If planning to borrow supplies, please contact the instructor directly ahead of time.


Once you have registered for the class, a supply list will be emailed to you with your registration receipt.

Additional Information

Those students under age 18 will require a parental waiver form signed prior to the class.



Supplies List for Field Sketching Workshop with Kristin Link

Students can bring their own supplies or supplies can be borrowed from the instructor. If you plan to purchase/ borrow supplies from Kristin, please let her know ahead of time.


Sketchbook/ Journal: I love having a mix of different types of paper to work on in the field. My sketchbook is a mix of drawing paper, study watercolor paper (at least 140 lb), and toned pastel paper. I can make 5.5 x 8.5” sketchbooks for students available for $15 each if notified ahead of time.


Other good sketchbooks are:

  • Komtrak Multi Media Sketchbooks ( These are spiral bound and refillable.
  • A mixed media or watercolor paper sketchbook with paper that is heavy enough to take watercolor. There are a number of these available. The downside to these is you only have one type of paper to work with, but I will have a bit of extra paper for students to use.


Travel Watercolor Set: Windsor & Newton Cotman or Sakura Koi make good and affordable travel watercolor sets. Make sure to put or purchase watercolors in pans (as opposed to tubes) and have a space to mix colors.  If you have tubes you can buy a folding plastic palette with trays to squirt the paint into. The paint will dry and you can take it anywhere.


There are thousands of colors to choose from, at the least get a set or buy paints that includes:

A warm red like Cadmium Red

A cool red like Alizarin Crimson or Quinacridone Magenta/ Red

A warm yellow like cadmium

A cool yellow like lemon yellow

Cobalt Blue, or similar cool blue

Ultramarine, or similar warm blue


Other nice colors you will be glad to have: Sap Green, Yellow Ochre, Burt Sienna, Raw Umber, Paynes Grey.


Waterbrush: This is the ideal tool for watercolor sketching in the field. Make sure to look for and get the Pentel Aqua Brush, as other brands don’t hold up as well. This brush comes in three sizes, and I recommend the medium size.


Pencils and Pens: Bring at least 1 mechanical pencil (Bic #2 with 0.5 mm lead is fine) and 1 pen with permanent ink (Make sure the ink won’t smudge with water, for example Pigma Micron. These come in different sizes and colors. A variety of sizes can be nice, but bring a 0.5 pt is study but can create a good line)


Erasers: one hard white plastic, and one kneaded


Optional Items (You don’t need to go out and get all or any of these, but they can be fun to incorporate. You can pick a few that seem appealing to you. I do recommend getting at least one form of opaque white – either a colored pencil, white pen, or white gouache :


  • Small 6” plastic Ruler
  • Pen with water-soluble ink (Pilot Razor Point)
  • Ball Point Pen
  • Tube of white gouache (opaque watercolor)
  • Colored Pencils
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • White colored pencil
  • Opaque White Pen (ie: Jelly Roll)
  • Grey Tombo brush pens (nice for blocking in values)
  • Camera
  • Hand Lens


Please bring any other supplies you like to sketch with to share with the rest of the group!


To request supplies from Kristin or if you have questions contact her at: or 907-242-0515

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Prince William Sound College
Link 6/22 - 6/24 Fr Sa Su Varied $150.00 View 11

Mud Volcanoes/ Pit Firing Pottery

Journey to an ancient mud volcano, gather some clay from the bowels of the Earth, and create a vessel or object from that, along with store-bought clay. The discover the wonders of fire pit pottery firing. Dig a pit and build up a mound of pottery, sawdust, leaves, newspapers, and wood. Enjoy the fire with some marshmallows and watch it burn down as it processes your pottery. The next day, unearth the treasures and hope the ancient process has been merciful. This experimental and ancient process is fun and unpredictable as far as results, but promises to be a great experience.

NOTE: The first part of this class involves hiking about 2.5 miles in the Alaskan wilderness along a trail, which may involve wildlife, insects, and weather. If your personal fitness level does not allow for this, we suggest you try our Handbuilding Ceramics class instead.

 This class meets the following days and times:

Trip to Mud Volcanoes: Saturday, June 2, 9am- 6pm;

Meet at Art Studio to create pottery pieces:

Sunday, June 3, 1-5 pm;

Monday, June 4, 6-830 pm;

Tuesday, June 5, 6-830 pm;


All pieces must be dry and turned in no later than June 13, 5 pm, or they will NOT get fired in the pit fire.

Pit Firing: Saturday, June 16, 10 am- 5 pm;

Unearthing: Sunday, June 17, 1 pm- 5pm

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Prince William Sound College
Art Studio Rm 149
13 - &up Whalen 6/2 - 6/17 Mo Tu Sa Su Varied $250.00 View 15

Suzuki Violin

The Suzuki violin student will learn about music in the most natural way. With the "mother tongue approach," listening and repeating. Then at the right time, usually toward the end of Book 1, they will start learning to read notes.

The Suzuki violin student will not only learn to play their instrument with proficiency, but to play beautifully and play expressively with confidence. Public performance is also a very important part of this program. What good would it do to play well, yet be too afraid to share it with an audience? Remember that- "The violin is a medium for cultivating human character, ability, and heart."- Shinichi Suzuki.

Course objectives include:

Nurturing superior musical sensitivity


Developing a balanced posture



Additional Information

Parent or guardian must be present during one-on-one lessons.


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Prince William Sound College
Red Room at Whitney Museum
Workman 5/1 - 5/31 Tu We Th 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM $130.00 View 16

Suzuki Violin- 45 minute lessons option
Suzuki Violin classes with 45 minute private weekly lessons, instead of 30 minute lessons

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Prince William Sound College
Red Room at Whitney Museum
Workman 5/1 - 5/29 Tu 08:00 AM - 07:00 PM $195.00 View 9

Suzuki Violin- Prorating- 3 weeks

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Prince William Sound College
Red Room at Whitney Museum
Workman 1/1 - 5/31 We Th Su 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM $97.50 View 97