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Health & Fitness Center Spring Nutrition Kitchen

Nutrition Kitchen workshops will have you cooking, dicing, drizzling, and mixing to prepare a healthy meal while engaging in discussions about nutrition. Healthy cooking is key to better health and avoiding preventable disease. Learn about the science of healthy cooking as you practice it!

Classes are sponsored by SWAN, PWSC, United Way, and the Valdez Food Bank. Registration is free but required for entry. Seats are limited.

Camille Leach B.S. Health Promotion, Certified Personal Trainer

Before cooking healthy Camille lived with fatigued, G.I. issues, and hormonal imbalances. Cooking Plant Based has drastically improved Camille's quality of life so that now she can enjoy her family and friends, be active in the outdoors and help others have quality of health too!


Angela Alfaro MD, MS, MSHS, FAAFP- Board Certified in Family Medicine and a Masters Degree in Integrative Medicine, which is combining traditional medicine with holistic and alternative options. We are our best selves when we know what we are putting into our body and cooking at home is the perfect answer for that. Research backs up the fact that the more time spent in the kitchen the lower incidence of obesity and lifestyle related diseases. Cooking can seem overwhelming, but it is a natural combination of nutrition, science and fun and there is nothing better than a group gathering to enjoy a fresh home cooked meal.

Kelly Lakin is a registered Dietitian and certified diabetes educator here in Valdez. What we eat plays a significant role in our health - we are what we eat. What we prepare in our kitchen is the first part to living a healthy lifestyle. By knowing key tricks on how to create good, nutritious food, you can make a huge difference in today and the rest of your life. 

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Prince William Sound College
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Alfaro 4/21 - 4/21 Tu 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM $0.00 View 6

Intermediate Yoga
Presents intermediate level yoga physical exercises, breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation exercises.

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Prince William Sound College
Health and Fitness Center Studio Room 114
Lubin 3/25 - 4/29 Mo We 05:30 PM - 07:00 PM $204.00 View 7